Hi! I am a senior studying computer science and Spanish at MIT.

I was born in Vietnam and moved to Texas when I was just 5 years old. I grew up in a low-income household and got my first ever "job" at 6 years old being my mom's English translator every time we went grocery shopping.

Currently, I am building websites and visual data viz essays to tell stories and spark discussion on social topics ranging from experiences of minority groups to FOMO/FOND (the Fear of Not Doing [Enough]).

In my free time, I enjoy weight training, dancing, and playing ukulele!

I created this website to explore and share some of my many different interests. Thanks for stopping by!

This website is built off of a bare-bones Colorlib responsive template. I designed, coded, and animated everything here using Figma, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Typefaces used include Raleway, Roboto, and Courier.

R e s u m e / C V C o n t a c t

work experience

Summary: Full stack software engineer and rising senior at MIT studying computer science and Spanish with 5 summers of industry experience at Microsoft, Toyota, J.P. Morgan Chase and international tech startups. Specialities include web applications and data visualizations. High proficiency in Python, Java, and Typescript. Interested in working on customer-facing, technical projects with room for creative visual design.

Full Stack SWE Intern

Airthings, Oslo, Norway
Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

• Led development of B2B dashboard application now shipped in 250+ buildings for Airthings’ global business partners
• Built 2D running game for Airthings global marketing campaign to educate kids on indoor air quality
• Develop using React, Redux, Typescript, Kotlin, AWS, and LÖVE game development framework
• Collaborate remotely with designers, project managers, and full-time developers in Oslo on a daily basis (7 hour time difference)

Xbox SWE Intern

Microsoft, Redmond, WA
Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

• Worked with the engine team at Turn 10 Studios to produce the AAA Forza Motorsport racing titles
• Developed using C++ and in-house Forzatech game engine

Cortana SWE Intern

Microsoft, Cambridge, MA
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

• Worked with team to conduct customer research, design, and develop a new feature prototype for Cortana
• Used JavaScript, C#, and HTML for implementing product features